The Weiss-Manetti Prediction - a quantum novel

If the world is based on laws of quantum physics recognized only vaguely and in glimpses, how are connections within a life, or between a life and other lives, experienced? Between people, stories, incidents? If language began to think along the lines of quantum physics, what might a story look like? Perhaps like this.

The Weiss-Manetti Prediction is about the theory behind a quantum computer that can think creatively. It is also about nature, which speaks its own language and fights its own battles. It is about people who are at a point in their lives where they are considering a leap. It is about conflicts in the Middle East, gay weddings in London, refugees in Calais, scientists everywhere, about fish in Thyborøn, about love, loss, hope, art – and quantum logic.

The Weiss-Manetti Prediction invites the reader along on a carousel in several lanes, where one jumps back and forth between characters and stories. Each movement helps to create a connection, the energy, perhaps a hint of what we, for lack of better terms, call destiny.

Hold on, feel the speed, and linger in the moments.

- - - - - - - -


"Many years later, someone would recount the story about the waiter who picked up a hopelessly drunk guest at closing time, called for a taxi, got a reluctant body propped in on the back seat, closed the car door and watched the taxi drive away, locked the bar and walked down the street, only to meet the guest again on the first street corner, sober and energetic, talking to another person and
laughing at a joke as the waiter stopped to wonder. Was it some kind of double? An illusion? Something he, due to fatigue and darkness, imagined seeing, like a dream?
     Many years later, someone, probably the grandson of the waiter or some regular, would tell the story and ask around: What do you think? Who was it? What was it that happened?"

The Weiss-Manetti Prediction is available as POD (print on demand) - and ebook (EPUB). If you have speciel wishes (a pdf ebook for instance) or questions, please send a mail to